CARPALeaks is a citizen run online site which publishes classified material from anonymous sources concerning the activities of the Craft Advanced Research Projects Agency (CARPA), the Department of Defence’s (DoD) secret research agency on craft. We are a non-profit media organisation dedicated to brining important news and information about anti-constitutional craft activities by the Military of the United States and its allies. Our concern is that with CARPA the Military-Industrial-Complex is not only turning peaceful and constructive hobbies into weapons of mass destruction, but also that in the end, all crafts will be seen as acts of aggression.


We provide anonymous ways for independent sources around the world to leak information about military-related crafts and our aim is to be a platform for other media channels for these leaks, helping to turn the everyday crafter into a constitutionally protected whistleblower. While keeping the identity anonymous helps us provide a way to spread suppressed and censored data about military craft crimes and injustices.